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Robert Cooper is a neuroscientist, leadership advisor and New York Times bestselling author (with over 4 million books sold). He is CEO of Cooper Strategic, a global consulting firm with a long history of working with elite performers and top leaders using neuroscience to get the most out of their brains, their time, and their performance. His teachings have drawn millions of readers, listeners and fans. Called "a national treasure" by Professor Emeritus Michael Ray, Ph.D., of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Cooper emphasizes scientifically based insights, ultra-practical tools, counterintuitive wisdom, and disciplined metrics. He advises a hand-picked group of breakthrough leaders and rising-star companies while conducting global research as part of a second Ph.D. at University College London, ranked #1 in the world in education and social sciences research by the QS World University Rankings. Business leaders, top thinkers, and everyday readers and listeners have used words like "inspirational," "extraordinary," "cutting edge," and "life-changing" to describe the impact and enduring value of his work.

This podcast features Cooper's stories and wisdom as well as his latest thoughts and ideas, interviews, and newest research findings. The focus is on helping you discover better ways to unlock more of your true potential by making breakthroughs day after day. "Your brain relentlessly changes shape and function in real time, rewriting its own circuitry. Although the brain is characterized by hard-wired tendencies and defaults, every moment it is also employing a process called neuroplasticity that enables it to livewire or change. But the key question is: In what direction are you changing? In biology there is no staying the same, so the answer is either up or down. On its own, the brain will automatically 'downwire'—repeating how you tend to unconsciously think, act and react. When you downwire you are essentially fading and falling as the world changes and leaves you behind. The rare but remarkable alternative is to learn to 'upwire' wherever it matters across each of your busy days—to purposefully aim your brain at what is possible in your life and work." And when you do that, everything can start to change, as you will learn, and can test, through the series of remakable examples, insights, tools and inspiring stories.

Top 10 Podcasts

2-Minute Friday: PRE

Annual Gallup surveys show that nearly two-thirds of all leaders and three-forths of all employees are disengaged at work.  There are countless books and training programs aimed at increasing engagement, yet we are losing that battle. In this short podcast, Robert discusses the power of Pre-Engagement (PRE) and how applying PRE can quickly and effectively […]

2 Minute Friday: How Long Does It Take?

In this 2-Minute Friday podcast, Robert discusses how long it takes to impact or change a life.  Learn how a simple “pause” can lead to the greatest difference.

The Eyes Only See What the Mind is Prepared to Comprehend

What is your mind prepared to comprehend? From jazz pianist Art Tatum’s unique performance abilities to renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow’s daily “choice”, Robert Cooper share insights on why our brains naturally lead us away from what is possible, and how we can apply simple workarounds by Hacking Human Nature.

Brain Performance Code

How old is your brain’s basic programming? Is this the right “performance code” for achieving our goals in today’s hectic and modern world? In this podcast, Robert Cooper discusses neuroplasticity and how Hacking Human Nature allows us to UPWIRE and steer a better course into our best possible future.

A Split-Second Turn

At any given moment, we can suddenly face adversity, an unexpected challenge, or feel the drain of a negative look or comment or feeling. In that one split-second, the brain loses control. Your attention, energy and sense of perspective have been hijacked, and threaten to spiral out of control unless quickly checked. In this podcast, Robert shares insights […]

Stop Doing, Start Doing

Do you know why you do what you do?  Why you react a certain way? Do you have an active choice in everything you do? In this episode, Robert provides insight on how we can UPWIRE our stubborn hard-wired brain tendencies in order to stop doing old habits and routines and start doing what matters most.

Attention, Distractions and the Human Brain

Today’s blend of noise, technology and distraction-on-demand creates a perfect playground for the brain to indulge in what it loves to do: dabble, coast, seek entertainment, wander and hide. In this podcast, Robert explores the brain’s hard-wired tendency to seek new stimuli, and how we can UPWIRE our behavior and actions to achieve what’s possible.

Good and Great Are The Enemies of Possible

Aiming to be “good” often leads to mediocrity. Becoming “great” can potentially trap us forever in a state of perceived success.  Only the ongoing drive to surpass our very best can allow us to reach what is possible.

Capacity Not Routine

By nature, the human brain is drawn toward mediocre routines and old habits, preventing us from reaching our true potential In this podcast, Robert explores how we can reach deeper and unlock our vast untapped capacity to achieve bigger and more meaningful goals.

Accelerated Growth is a Choice

Left to its own devices, the brain is hard-wired to steadily and stubbornly die on the vine instead of grow in the climb. Overcoming the brain’s tendency to “play small” is possible, but we must make a conscious effort to choose and accelerate growth.